What Is Clickfunnels?

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So you all have been hearing about Clickfunnels if you are associated in the world of internet marketing but the no.1 question you want to ask is what exactly is Clickfunnels and is it really all that?

A Simple Definition of Clickfunnels

At it’s simplest level Clickfunnels allows you to build a sales funnel very easily and very effectively, by this I mean you don’t just stop there but you can market, sell and deliver your products all within Clickfunnels without the need of purchasing any other tool.

This is very powerful when you consider the alternative, traditionally you would need to buy hosting, a landing page builder and email autoresponder amongst many other tools. Not only that but all the different tools would have to work together, a tall task especially if you have limited knowledge of the tools. Also, tasks involving traditional funnel builder tools are time-consuming and the tools themselves combine to become pretty expensive.

Clickfunnels gives you access to all the tools above all within an easy to navigate dashboard and of course, the tools work seamlessly together. The best part is Clickfunnels work with absolute any type of business, or let me put it another way, if your business requires any type of marketing then Clickfunnels can help it.

The Benefits of Clickfunnels

Ok so let me dive right in and go over the numerous benefits of Clickfunnels as we as an overview.

As I mentioned earlier, Clickfunnels is a sales funnel tool which transforms the whole sales and marketing process into a bespoke funnel. A funnel can be designed for any type of business and due to this, there are numerous types of funnels which can all be created to bring in a set type of client.

Some of the different types of funnels are;

Webinar funnels

Sales Funnels

Membership site funnels

Subscriber list funnels

Now one the main benefits of Clickfunnels is its ease of use especially for those with little funnel building expereince. You get a large range of pre-built funnels which are optimally designed for each type of business. Through this Clickfunnels saves you time and effort. The time that can be put to better use in thinking of different strategies to implement your business ideas.

Here are Some of The Many Clickfunnel Features

A/B Split testing capability

Email integration

Sales Funnels

Upsell pages

Order pages

So these are just some of the many built-in features.


The online sales funnel building market is very competitive right now but it’s also becoming increasingly hard to differentiate from one company to another.

This is where Clickfunnels is in a league of its own with all the capabilities it has all self-contained within the package and very easy to use straight out the ‘box’. Through this Clickfunnels stands head and shoulders above the competition, and it’s exciting to see where it might end up.